Cleaner and Safer Wolverhampton

As your local Member of Parliament and a proud resident of Wolverhampton South West, I want to make sure that the places we work and visit are kept clean and safe for everyone. Below you will find details about some of the initiatives that I am running on this issue, and I would welcome your feedback on what more I could be doing on this.

Stuart's Street Cleans:Clean

I made a pledge during my election campaign to work with residents to clean up the streets and to make our communities a better place to live in. As part of this, I set up ‘Stuart’s Street Cleans.’ These regular volunteering sessions have brought together many individuals from different backgrounds around one common endeavour: to tidy up our streets! While this seems like a simple thing to do, it is my personal belief that tidier communities are an essential ingredient that helps to create happier ones. My desire is to schedule more sessions once it is safe to do so. I encourage anyone that would like to take part to contact me.

Combatting Fly-tipping


Fly-tipping is an unacceptable blight on local communities and the environment. I am pleased to have stood on a manifesto which committed the Government to increasing the penalties for this crime. Local authorities have a range of powers available to tackle fly-tipping, which include the power to issue fixed penalty notices of up to £400 for those caught fly-tipping. If you do see any incidents of fly-tipping, please be sure to report it to the appropriate authority, the City of Wolverhampton Council, at

During my election campaign, I also campaigned for Wolverhampton’s tips to remain open seven days a week. The City Council made the difficult decision to close these sites to minimise social contact during Covid-19. I am pleased that Household Waste Recycling Centre are now re-open. From 1st June, the sites have been open for seven days a week from 10 am. I encourage all visitors to follow social distancing, to only make essential trips, and not to visit if any resident or their household has symptoms of Covid-19.

Tackling Crime and Supporting Community Cohesion:


I want people everywhere to feel secure in their communities and be able to live their lives free from the threat of crime. This Government was elected on the promise to crack down on crime and to make our streets safer. In July 2020, the Government announced £549,040 for West Midlands Police to help deliver that. West Midlands has also gained 27 police officers - and there are more on the way. I also support our vital community cohesion initiatives which bring together individuals from different backgrounds and enable dialogue to take place between them.