Investing in our roads and infrastructure

We use roads and transport as part of our everyday lives, it makes sense that we should have the best roads and transport network. When you are dropping the children off at school or trying to get to the office, waiting in traffic, manoeuvring around potholes, or calling the office as the public transport is running late isn't where we need to be.  

As roads and transport are such an important part of our day to day life, I want to ensure that we have the best we can have. Are the council fixing the potholes quick enough? Does the road system make sense? Do we have enough free places to park? Have you become used to delays on public transport? 

These are all questions Stuart wants to find the answers to and then look to bring new investment into the city, and that it is managed correctly to fix these problems.


Boris Johnson backs campaign to save Wolverhampton greenbelt

Boris Johnson has backed the Save the Seven Cornfields campaign, which is opposing plans to build 1,300 homes on Wolverhampton green belt. The campaign has made it all the way to No 10 Downing Street after the proposals were met with a huge backlash from concerned residents.

Tettenhall Railway Station – could it be just what Wolverhampton needs?

The one thing I have learned from talking and listening to residents across the City of Wolverhampton is that local transport links could be improved. There is a growing consensus that part of the answer could be a new railway station serving Tettenhall, Aldersley and the surrounding area.   

Tettenhall Railway Survey Launched

Stuart and West Midlands Mayor Andy Street have joined with local councillors in launching the Tettenhall Railway Station survey to gauge opinion.

You can complete the survey here: Tettenhall Railway Survey