Support Local Communities

Stuart wants to support local communities, given their importance in South Shropshire, by addressing the unique challenges of rural areas and attracting investment for community groups.

Our local communities are what makes South Shropshire such a wonderful place to live. They are where we work, enjoy our free time and come together with one another. Our local communities are also a major tourist attraction, with the beautiful market towns providing fantastic food and cultural entertainment.

I know how much people appreciate their local community, so it is hard to hear when constituents feel like their rural community is neglected in the national conversation. Rural areas already contribute over 15% to England’s economy, which amounts to over £270 billion of our national GDP. They are a crucial lifeblood of our nation, but they face very specific and unique challenges. 

It is my commitment, as a part of my five point plan, to support local communities. This means understanding the challenges that are faced, such as internet connectivity or community energy initiatives. This also means campaigning for meaningful change to ensure that local communities continue to improve. 

As I hope to be your next MP, I commit to: 

Listening to the challenges facing local communities;

Supporting our communities by raising their profile locally and nationally, helping connect communities together;

Delivering the changes necessary to help local communities thrive.

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