Tettenhall Railway Station

Public transport, access to services and economic opportunities all need to be improved for Wolverhampton residents. That’s why we believe it is time to seriously look at providing a new railway station for Tettenhall, Aldersley and surrounding communities.

Across the West Midlands real progress is being made on re-opening stations for communities in Birmingham and Walsall – if there why not here? A station would link this area with Wolverhampton, Birmingham and Coventry to the east and Shrewsbury and Telford to the west.

The first step is to find out if the idea has community support. If the support in the community is strong enough, we can take the campaign forward. So, help us start today by fi lling in this survey. By responding you will help us understand public support for a new station. Together with the responses from other residents, you’ll help us make the case for progressing the idea. The next stage after that would be securing an official feasibility study and then business case.

So, if you agree that residents and businesses in this area could benefi t from a new station, then why not take our survey?

Station Survey

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If a local station was re-opened which destinations would you want to travel to?
If we were successful what would you like the new station to be called?
For what purpose would you primarily use it?
How often would you use the new station?


Tettenhall Railway Station – could it be just what Wolverhampton needs?

The one thing I have learned from talking and listening to residents across the City of Wolverhampton is that local transport links could be improved. There is a growing consensus that part of the answer could be a new railway station serving Tettenhall, Aldersley and the surrounding area.