Independent education – surely it’s your right as a parent to choose?

So the Labour Party conference has launched its controversial motion to abolish independent schools across the UK. Is this an attack on the rights and freedoms of parents to make choices for their children? Many are saying that yet again, this is a cautionary reminder of the direction that Labour is moving – to the far left!

Compulsory redistribution of assets to other schools?

Will this amount to forced land, asset and property redistribution from independent schools? Where does it stop? Could we see wealth taxes in the near future? There are many that think that this proposal would equate to an act of national self-harm. It will lead to great bitterness, class hatred and envy throughout society not to mention complex and costly legal battles against ownership and rights in years to come.

Every family with children in education should be worried about Labour’s plans

If Labour gets its way you could see State school class sizes swelling (even more), resources stretched and greater financial pressures inflicted on schools in an already struggling sector. Where will the 600,000 additional pupils be absorbed?

Aside from that, independent schools contribute £14 Billion to our GDP annually and save the taxpayer over £3.5 Billion a year through the education of children and young people at no cost to the taxpayer.

Expect to hear much more about this in the future.

Stuart Anderson is the Conservative parliamentary party candidate for Wolverhampton South West. A British Army veteran turned entrepreneur working extensively across the global security industry, Stuart has spent over a decade serving his community, pursuing positive change and supporting multiple charities and other good causes.