Stuart Anderson calls for Clean Campaign Pledge

The Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Wolverhampton South West, Stuart Anderson, has called for his labour opponent Eleanor Smith and any other candidates to sign a clean campaign pledge for the General Election.

The Clean Campaign Pledge seeks to hold candidates responsible for activists and Councillors on their side of the political debate, and provide a more grown-up environment for political debate at a time of increasing intolerance and vicious political attacks. 


Clean Campaign Pledge

We the candidates pledge:

  • I will run a clean, positive and honest campaign based on facts and focused on the issues that concern the people of Wolverhampton South West.
  • I will tell the truth about what I have achieved and stand for, and what others have achieved and stand for - and will not seek to deliberately scaremonger the people of Wolverhampton through misleading claims about other party's records, motives, or intentions.
  • I will debate my opponents rigorously on policy, but my team and I will not engage in personal attacks or smears on others.
  • I will stick strictly to the spending limits and rules of the campaign as set out by the Electoral Commission and will not allow third parties to spend money on online advertising to support my campaign.
  • I will do all that I can to encourage my supporters to keep their campaigning clean - particularly on social media.  


Conservative candidate Stuart Anderson said:

 "People are sick of negative campaigning, smears and mudslinging. What has become clear over the past few years in particular is we've forgotten how to disagree well. Let's stick to the facts and challenge each other on our policies. Not engage in personal attacks. My campaign will be one of Hope not Hate.

"I look forward to a clean campaign here in Wolverhampton. I will be promoting our positive vision for what is possible for Britain and Wolverhampton South West once Brexit is done and we leave with our great new deal."