Stuart Anderson MP helps local charities receive extra funding

  • Stuart Anderson MP delighted charities receive funding worth £1500
  • It is part of Western Power Distribution’s (WPD’s) ‘In This Together – Community Matters Fund’.
  • The £750,000 Fund has benefitted over 500,000 people and 463 organisations in the service area.

Two charities in Wolverhampton South West have been awarded a grant worth £750 each to help continue its services during the pandemic. Out of the charities that Stuart Anderson MP nominated, the British Obesity Society and the MS Centre successfully received this extra funding. Stuart nominated the charities for a cash award from Western Power Distribution’s (WPD’s) ‘In This Together – Community Matters Fund’.

The £750,000 fund has supported local charities, community groups and councils to deliver vital services and support communities affected by Coronavirus. Over 500,000 people have benefitted from funding. 463 organisations have been funded across its geographic footprint, the Midlands, South West England, and South Wales.

Wolverhampton MS Therapy Centre has been in Wolverhampton for many years. They are relatively small charity which gives mental support and therapies to MS, cancer and stroke patients. While some centres receive funding from local NHS boards, most – including the MS Centre in Wolverhampton – are reliant on donations and fundraising activities for their income. The British Obesity Society is also a small charity. All of its workforce are volunteers who produce leaflets and help individuals to lead healthier and happier lives. Stuart was pleased to nominate these charities which have been coping amazingly during the Covid-19 situation and would hugely benefit from this recognition. It is part of Stuart’s wider campaign to champion local health and wellbeing.

The fund was established by local electricity distributor Western Power Distribution (WPD) at the start of lockdown to support grass root organisations delivering care to vulnerable people and families. The fund initially supported over 300 organisations with £500,000 funding.  As the lockdown lifted, WPD extended its support by a further £250,000 and offered MPs the opportunity to put forward a community group or charity for a grant to help towards its work during these challenging times.


Stuart Anderson MP, the Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West, said: “I decided to nominate these charities for Western Power Distribution’s In This Together – Community Matters Fund as they had worked tirelessly during the Covid-19 pandemic. They are great organisations and have consistently helped the local community. I am glad that they have received the grant which I know will be used for the wider good. I remain committed to supporting our local voluntary and charitable sector in Wolverhampton South West, both now and in the future.”

Alison Sleightholm, WPD’s Resources & External Affairs Director, said: “Throughout this crisis we have worked tirelessly to support our local communities and keep the energy flowing to our 7.9 million customers. The crisis is far from over and as we enter the next phase of the UK’s response to the pandemic, we’re delighted that 92 MPs in our regions have nominated deserving causes for up to £1,500 of funding. We’re proud that, so far, we have been able to fund over 450 charities and groups within our area. Through the extension of our fund and with the fantastic support of our MPs, we’re able to support even more organisations doing valuable community work.”

Western Power Distribution (WPD) is the distribution network operator for the Midlands, South West England and South Wales. It is responsible for delivering electricity to approximately 7.9 million customers in the UK.

More information about the British Obesity Society can be found online at

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