Stuart Anderson MP Launches Community Conversations Survey

It has now been almost a year since I was elected as the Member of Parliament for Wolverhampton South West. When I first stood for election, I could not have anticipated the situation which we have been facing in recent times. We have been through a lot in this time, and I am in no doubt that there will be more challenges ahead.

I want to thank you, the good people of Wolverhampton South West, for all that you have been doing to support me and each other during this unprecedented time. I am confident that we will come through this stronger.

Together, we have done a lot this year. There is lots more to do - and I need your help to do it. Like protecting jobs, keeping our community safe, and helping our local health services get back to normal. In short, getting us on the road to recovery.

Please fill in the survey below and tell me what your priorities are. You can help to shape the recovery plan in Wolverhampton South West.

Community Conversations

  • 1 Current: Protecting Jobs
  • 2 How important are the following Government measures to help our high streets and small business recover from the pandemic?
  • 3 The Government has announced a plan for jobs worth up to £30bn to secure our economy and protect lives and livelihoods. How important are the following measures to you personally?
  • 4 NHS Services
  • 5 Tackling Crime
  • 6 Local Priorities
  • 7 Your details
Have you or a member of your family had to take advantage of the Government’s Job Retention (furlough) scheme?
Have you or a member of your family had to take advantage of the Government’s support schemes for businesses or the self-employed?
The Chancellor recently announced the Kickstart Jobs Scheme to give young people work placements and more traineeships, to offer on the- job experience as they learn. How strongly do you support these measures to get young people into work?
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Very strongly >