Stuart Anderson MP welcomes additional funding for Wolverhampton South West as part of Britain’s new economic deal

  • Wolverhampton South West to benefit from upgraded facilities to improve the education of children
  • Wolverhampton to receive at least an additional £500,000 to spend on projects such as improvements to parks, high streets, or transport links.
  • Vital road upgrades in Wolverhampton to be undertaken

Stuart Anderson MP has welcomed additional funding for Wolverhampton South West as part of plans to reignite the economy and speed up Britain’s recovery from Coronavirus. Wolverhampton will receive between £500,000 and £1 million to spend on projects such as improvements to parks, high streets and local transport. It is one of 101 towns previously selected for town deals, under the Conservative Government’s plans to level up places across the country. It will invest in shovel ready projects to improve the city centre, from new cycle lanes and better pedestrian access to repurposing empty shops to create new community spaces.

Wolverhampton South West has also been allocated its share of £434 million investment to expand classrooms, upgrade facilities, and improve the education of children. It is part of £1.4 billion capital funding for 2020-21 announced in April. The Prime Minister has also announced a new transformative 10-year school rebuilding programme. This will be kick-started with over £1 billion for the first 50 projects in 2020-21. The £1 billion package is on top of the £14 billion three-year funding settlement announced last year - recognising the additional work schools will need to do to help students to catch up.

In addition, the Arthur Street Bridge repairs project is one of 29 road projects given the green light to proceed, receiving a share of £100 million. The bridge passes over the Metro line, is now in very poor condition, and there is risk of debris falling onto trams and causing injury. This £1.269 million project will receive £0.999 million from Government and £.027 million of local funding.

Commenting, Stuart Anderson MP said: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s new economic deal to help communities, schools, and businesses recover from Covid-19, as well as the green light that has been given to important infrastructure projects. As a local Member of Parliament, I have been campaigning vigorously for more funding for our community and I am pleased with this commitment from the Government. This will help to ensure all children have the very best possible schools and education, enable local leaders to accelerate plans that will transform, and bring forward infrastructure projects of all types, from better connected, more modern high streets to new schools and roads. This investment will also help to create new jobs and opportunities across our community.”

Education Secretary, Gavin Williamson said: “My number-one focus will always be to make sure every student has access to excellent education and training. Replacing and upgrading poor condition school and college buildings with modern, energy efficient designs will give our students and teachers the environment they deserve, and support them to maximise their potential. As we look forward to this September and all children returning to school, we can be assured that for years to come this country’s education system will drive opportunity and prosperity for all.”

Commenting, Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: “As the country begins the recovery from Covid-19, we need to get on the front foot and invest in infrastructure in every region to reignite the economy, helping better connect people with work and leisure in the future. By investing £100m in local roads and reaffirming our commitment to better connecting communities, we are not just talking about levelling up – but making it happen.”