Tettenhall Railway Station – could it be just what Wolverhampton needs?

The one thing I have learned from talking and listening to residents across the City of Wolverhampton is that local transport links could be improved. There is a growing consensus that part of the answer could be a new railway station serving Tettenhall, Aldersley and the surrounding area.   

Boosting economic growth, creating jobs, improving commute times, easing congestion on our roads

 A new railway station would deliver on many different levels.  It would create additional job opportunities, encourage more people to visit Wolverhampton and its various suburbs, and vastly improve commute times making daily travel less stressful and more predictable.   

Aside from that, with more people taking the train, it would tackle the issue of car pollution and congestion on our roads, leading to a cleaner, greener environment for us all to live in.

Across the country, but particularly in the West Midlands region, railway stations are being built, renovated and brought into line with modern day living requirements.  

A new station at Tettenhall would deliver wide-ranging benefits and opportunities for Wolverhampton.

Do you agree?

You can complete the survey here: Tettenhall Railway Survey

Stuart Anderson is the Conservative parliamentary party candidate for Wolverhampton South West. A British Army veteran turned entrepreneur working extensively across the global security industry, Stuart has spent over a decade serving his community, pursuing positive change and supporting multiple charities and other good causes.