We need to come up with fresh ideas to halt the decline on our high streets

With so many shops closing down across Wolverhampton City, communities need to play their part in supporting local retailers and rejuvenating the high street if it is to have any future.  

Last year 7,500 shops lay empty – most of those on the high street

It’s not just smaller shops that are suffering, established legacy brands too are struggling, along with banks, restaurants and estate agents either choosing to close or relocate to smaller, less expensive premises  - and often out of town.  It’s a tough scenario for Wolverhampton and the country as a whole.

Whilst there are many different and diverse reasons for the decline, communities need to secure additional high street investment to fuel modernisation programmes making our town centres and shops fit for the future.  

Supported by things like special shopping incentives, buy local ventures and tailored retailer support initiatives, our aim must be to entice more shoppers back into our towns and to spread the word that Wolverhampton high street is open for business!

Let’s talk, share ideas and find ways of supporting each other.   

Do you have opinions or ideas?  

Stuart Anderson is the Conservative parliamentary party candidate for Wolverhampton South West. A British Army veteran turned entrepreneur working extensively across the global security industry, Stuart has spent over a decade serving his community, pursuing positive change and supporting multiple charities and other good causes.