MPs Update: 1/05/20

One of the many things that I have been most struck by following the outbreak of Coronavirus across the nation and in my own constituency of Wolverhampton South West has been the ways in which the nation and the city of Wolverhampton has come together as one big community during this time of nati

MPs Update: 24/04/20

Over the last few weeks, many businesses and charitable organisations have been getting in touch with me to request my help. Wherever possible, I have made strategic interventions and raised queries with relevant departments, sometimes escalating constituent’s issues to a ministerial level.

MPs Update

There is no denying that Coronavirus is the biggest threat that we have faced as a nation – and as a global community – for many generations. The number of fatalities is unfortunately rising each day, and the virus has particularly affected our communities here in the West Midlands.

View from Westminster: COVID-19 Edition

Sometimes, Parliamentary proceedings can seem a little bit removed from everyday life. Parliament is situated in a royal palace and, when you arrive as a fresh-faced MP, you are shown your own peg where you can hang your coat. And, if you have one, where you can hang your sword!