Stuart's Art Competition

Calling all children and young people in Wolverhampton South West:

I moved into my constituency office just one month prior to the Coronavirus outbreak, so the walls in my office are still quite plain.

I would like to fill the background with as many inspiring and uplifting drawings/paintings/collages from young people (three to sixteen year olds) as possible.

It would be great to make these drawings/paintings in support of our key workers and the NHS.

I know that many young people in Wolverhampton (South West) will have parents/guardians and other relations who are serving on the frontline in our response to Coronavirus. Your work of art could be in honour of them or it could be independent – whatever you decide.

I will be running this for one month, from Monday 4th May 2020.

Every entry will get a letter/certificate from me thanking them for their contribution.

Please make these as bright and as colourful as possible!

These can be scanned and emailed to

If you don’t have a scanner, don’t worry! You can always take a photo and send it via the same email address as above.

Let’s get creative and decorate my office!

Kind regards,


P.S Below you will also find some stencils and examples that you could use. These are courtesy of the Conservative Party Headquarters and their creative collaborators!

Disclaimer: Photo used is a stock image taken well before social distancing measures came into effect.


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